Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Wittlebee Kid Clothing Club Review

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you all my review on Wittlebee. This is a great subscription for infants and kids. I love the idea because as a full-time working mother, it is not as easy to go out and find clothing for your little one at stores. Although I do that, I do not have to worry as much because of online subscriptions like this. I just love shopping online, it is easier for me and I get to spend more time bonding with my baby than hassling to find things at stores. Anyway, you can find their website HERE where it explains a lot more of their company. This costs $39.99 monthly and they send you six pieces of clothing each month based on the profile you fill out on their website. they ask you the size your little one wears, the colors you prefer, and what specific types of clothing you usually dress them in. I picked dresses, skirts and leggings / pants an this is what I received.
Unlike the other subscription boxes, this box does not have prices that each of these items retail for, but I did look up some brands that I revived and their clothing retails forom $20-$40 each item. Some brands that I received are Tea and RabbitMoon. I wish I received more dresses and less shirts but regardless I still think this box is worth it. Since the box is $40, I am paying $6.66 for each piece of clothing. Not too shabby! I hope you found this post helpful in some way! Thank you for reading!! Xxo, Dalia

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