Friday, February 15, 2013

Flower Beauty Haul / Mini Review

Hi guys! I am back with a haul / review on the new Drew Barrymore make up line called Flower Beauty! You can only find this line at select Walmart stores. If you go to Flower Beauty you can find their full collection along with what select Walmart stores near you carry the collection! I only picked up a couple of things, here is what I got...
Ready, Set, Glow blush / bronzer duo in shimmering goddess. The name is deceiving, it is not shimmery at all. Both colors are super matte and super pigmented.  You don't need very much, therefore you need to be careful when applying this product. Other than that, these colors are really nice. I use the bronze color to contour my face and I put a dab of the blush on the apples of my cheeks. Retails for $9.98
Kiss Stick High-Shine Lip Color in LS11 - Morning Glory This is a great lipstick applied lightly. I find that when I apply a lot, it sinks into my lines and does not look appealing, but when I just dab it on it looks good. I own better lipsticks so I probably would not repurchase.
Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color in LS1 - Set Me Freesia I do like this lip product, I like the velvet feel it leaves on my lips. Its more of a matte finish and I do not have a problem with this formula setting into my lip lines. Would repurchase.
Lip Service Lip Butter in LB9 I do not have a problem with this product, it is a lip butter so it has a great feel on the lips. Hydrates them well and adds a great pigmentation of color. These are very comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters as far as color pay off, but it lacks the rich and creamyness feel that Revlon's lip butter gives me. I'd rather spend my money on Revlon. This is not a horrible product, again, it is just not as good as what I've tried. All Lip Products retail for $6.98 Swatches are (from left to right) Morning Glory, Set Me Freesia and LB9 lip butter.
Skinognito Stick Foundation I love this foundation! Not as much as my True Match Lumi from Lo'real, but it is still a great foundation. It lasts all day and doesn't make me oily. Does not feel too cakey and surprisingly I got a color that matched me perfectly. Usually, when it comes to drugstore foundations I never pick the right shade the first time. I do find that I need to wear a foundation primer before so I won't have a problem with it wearing off. Love the packaging too, I just apply it directly to my face and blend! Retails for $9.98
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Overall, the products I tried were worth the money for me. I love the packaging and the formula is pretty good for being drugstore. I will probably go back and try some of the rest of the products in their line. I'm really eying the loose powder! Thanks for reading!! Xxo, Dalia

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