Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hautelook - The Balm Haul

Hello guys! I wanted to share with you all my haul from Hautelook! They were having a sale on The Balm that I could not resist! Luckily, there was nothing sold out yet when I took a look. If you guys do not know what Hautelook is, click HERE to sign up (it's free). It is basically a online store where they sell anything from cosmetics, clothing, home decor, kids clothing etc. Pretty much anything you would find at a department store (Nordstrom) who are the creators of this. Every day at 8AM Pacific Time, they add new brands and different sales. Usually they have their products for 50-80% off retail price! So when I saw this brand was going to be featured, I had to pick up some things! Here is what I got
Down Boy Blush
Frat Boy Blush
Nude Tude Eyeshadow
I was so excited to receive this package!! Especially because Hautelook takes FOREVER to ship their products! I love the packaging for this brand, it is so cute! Nothing from what I have seen before. They even threw in some chocolate! YUM! Also, I am not sure when The Balm will be on Hutelook again, but if you want to browse their products, check out their direct website HERE. They are really famous for their Nude Tude eyeshadow pallet which is why I decided to pick it up, along with their blushes! Cannot wait to try out! Thank you for reading! Xxo, Dalia

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