Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Huge All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul

Hi guys!! I am back to share with you all my purchases from All Cosmetics Wholesale. Most of the things I purchased were on clearence therefore I got a great deal on them!! I purchased everything for less than $100.00 which is AMAZING when you see how far I stretched that hundred dollars! This website is a discounted cosmetics website and they have everything from high end to drug store makeup and independent brands as well that are not as well know to most of us. I purchased high end and drugstore as well. The reason that these are discounted is because either the product is discontinued or the products have a slight defect in packaging. There are no defects when it comes down to formulation of a product. If there is a defect with packaging, they will let you now on the description of the product. As far as what I received, nothing was damaged. Everything was in its original packaging with the exception of a NARS eyeshadow I purchased but it was still brand new, never used of course, it even still had the plastic on tact. Any way, lets get started with this haul
Lola Cosmetics
Paula Dorf Cosmetics
Sebastian Trucco
DuWop Cosmetics
On 10 Body Butters
NARS, Benefit, Laura Mercier, MAC, Maybelline
Every single product on here I purchased for $1 each with the exception of the last picture of the high end product. I paid no more than $12 for each high end product! Overall, I enjoyed my haul, I got so many great things for a great price! I looked up these cosmetics online, and they retail anywhere from 15-40 dollars each!!!! I love getting a great deal! I hope you guys enjoyed this haul!! Once I try these products out I will do more detailed reviews! Thanks for reading!!!!
Xxo, Dalia

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  1. how much did you spend on the whole haul?

    Great purchases btw !!!! :))


Thanks for commenting! Greatly appreciated xoxo :)